The Ventura Legacy Group, APC is an estate planning law firm founded on the fundamental belief that estate planning lawyers can and should do more for their clients. Estate planning lawyers are the professionals in the wealth planning industry who acquire the most comprehensive knowledge of clients’ personal, family, business and financial affairs. This is a privilege that bestows upon estate planning lawyers the unique opportunity to become a client’s most influential advisor. And now estate planning lawyers can make the most of that unique opportunity by adopting new forms of technology-powered productivity.

Unfortunately, the traditional law firm model severely hinders estate planning attorneys from reaching their full-service potentials. For this reason, The Ventura Legacy Group, APC was founded with the vision of creating an innovative estate planning law firm employing a new service model that enables a more complete and meaningful client representation.

Our new “Family Office Service Model” addresses the growing need for better widespread use of Virtual Family Offices. It includes six “Family Office Plans” designed to meet rising client demands for more tailored and cost-effective services. Our Family Office Plans employ an integrated approach to estate planning, where for a fixed annual fee, we match clients with best fit solutions from a diverse range of legal and non-legal services. Our 6 Family Office Plans are:

  1. The Individual Family Office Plan
  2. The Small Business Family Office Plan
  3. The Business Plus Family Office Plan
  4. The Business Premier Family Office Plan
  5. The Corporate Family Office Plan
  6. The Enterprise Family Office Plan

The new Family Office Service Model innovates the traditional law firm model in the 3 key areas:1. Service; 2. Resources; and 3. Pricing.

SERVICE: We believe that tailored cost-effective solutions is what is most important to clients in today’s market. While some traditional estate planning law firms are certainly capable of delivering excellent results, their solutions are rarely optimal or cost-effective because the traditional law firm business model is inherently inefficient – it focuses too much on substantive legal expertise; lacks process control and best practices for much of what lawyers do; and is simply not built to maximize productivity or client service value.

Like other estate planning firms, we also promise more cost-effective solutions tailored to client objectives. However, our new Family Office Service Model enables us to actually deliver on our promise. With our coordinated services and solutions, clients avoid paying the layered expenses of multiple advisors, free-up more time to spend on other activities and have the peace of mind that competent and trusted lawyers are handling their affairs on an ongoing basis.

RESOURCES: We have innovative resources through better use of technology that allow us to deliver cost-effective solutions more efficiently.

PRICING: One of our top organizational principles is that our fees should bear a reasonable correlation to the value provided to clients; not necessarily to the number of billable hours spent. When possible, we prefer charging discounted fixed fees for more comprehensive long-term engagements rather than charging standard hourly fees for single “one-shot” projects. This not only incentivizes us to optimize costs, but also facilitates more engaging and collaborative working relations with our clients.